Music didn't cut off and sound didn't come on (no error on screen)

INT. POLICE STATION 2 - DAY with DESK POLICE to 1.000 49 87
&cut to zone 1
@overlay DESK POLICE moves to layer 1
@add Sheet Paper White to COP C
@add Box Package Box Brown to COP A
&COP C spot 0.597 241 283 AND COP C faces right AND COP C is read_paper_neutral AND COP C moves to layer -1 AND COP B spot 0.813 6 187 in zone 1 AND COP B faces right AND COP B moves to layer 2 AND COP B is talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop AND COP D spot 0.840 76 189 in zone 1 AND COP D faces left AND COP D moves to layer 2 AND COP D is think_rubchin
&COP A spot 1.082 50 82 in zone 2 AND COP A faces left AND COP A moves to layer 3 AND LEVI spot 1.280 99 10 in zone 2 AND LEVI faces left AND LEVI moves to layer 3 AND MARK spot 1.280 84 27 in zone 2 AND MARK moves to layer 4 AND MARK faces left
@pause for a beat
@COP A walks to spot 1.082 -84 98 in zone 1 in 2 AND COP A is walk_box_neutral_loop
@MARK walks to spot 1.280 258 29 in zone 1 in 2 AND LEVI walks to spot 1.280 203 3 in zone 1 in 2
MARK (scream_angry)
music off
sound record_scratch_stop
&COP B is react_shocked_gasp_pose AND COP C is react_shocked_gasp_pose AND COP D faces right AND COP D is react_shocked_gasp_pose THEN LEVI is eyeroll_sarcastic

For this whole scene did you use


(Like before this whole code)

I got it to work i didn’t have to change anything it was just a glitch not long after i posted the hold portal had to be reset and then worked fine

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