Music does not work on app and portal

Hey all, so what happened was…
I was coding the music, however I’m not able to hear them perfectly on the app itself and the preview on my computer. Sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn’t, the music would either stop suddenly or it wouldn’t play at all. I’m fine with it honestly, but I’m just concerned about whether it will work well when I publish the story. Will the readers experience the same as I did? Or if it’s just a glitch for the authors.

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I don’t have a problem like that.
It’s interesting… :shushing_face:

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Hey there,
There are two thing that i think might have caused this

  1. Did you use the correct format for the sound/music you put into the story?
  2. Did you preview from the beginning of the scene?
    Hope That this can help :blush:
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I was confused :rofl:

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Hi, I realised the main issue was my browser haha :rofl: my chrome had way too many tabs, therefore it glitched. It worked when I switched to safari. Thank you anyways ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

I’ve been having the same issue!! All the coding is correct but when I go into preview most of the time the music i’ve chosen does not work. Weirdly enough if I use the music that’s labeled as a sound, I have no issues.

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Yup, same thing happened to me as well. But I’ve solved the issue, it was the browser that I was using caused the problem, thats why when I switched to a new one it work perfectly fine - at least for now ! So maybe you’d like to try a different browser instead ?:heartpulse:

I’ll try that! But I don’t know since my app has the same issue ://

yikes, i know how irritating that can be, hope you’ll be able to solve the issue soon (: