Music doesn't work in preview on app

Okay so, all of a sudden my music doesn’t play anymore when I preview my story on the app. I tried restarting my phone, changing the volume, making sure the coding is right,…
Nothing has solved it…
Does anyone have any idea?
(Sounds are fine but music doesn’t want to play anymore even though it worked when I tested it earlier.)

That’s really strange, mine doesn’t work by computer but does by phone. Have you tried seeing if it works by computer?

If it still doesn’t work, I would be more than happy to look at the coding at see if anything is wrong for you. :relaxed:


No, it still doesn’t…

I would like it if you could look it over but I’ve got no idea how you would do that…
Like, the script is almost 2000 lines long already so that’s a lot of work!

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You could take a screen shot of the script, if that’s possible? It could be as simple as the music on or music off demand is in the wrong place. I just need the shots of the music demands, we’ll get this to work.

Thanks a lot! just one second.

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You’re welcome. :relaxed:

Thanks Maria, but the help isn’t needed anymore, I think it’s just episode that’s having a problem because my other chapters don’t work anymore either… Even though they did when I published them.

But thanks for your eagerness to help anyways!

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You’re welcome, I’m so sorry to hear this! I’ll look into it by checking my own and if I find a solution that can help you, I’ll let you know. :relaxed:

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Have you tried resetting story progress ? I have this issue sometimes. Not sure what happens but usually works fine after I do that :blush:

Just did, it didn’t work :sleepy:

:sneezing_face: I would send a ticket to see if there is a known glitch somewhere :weary:

I will, thank you!

Mine is doing the same and I’ve re opened, deleted the app, reset my phone and nothing works. :woman_facepalming:t2: I filed a ticket.

I’ve done the same, hopefully they resolve the problem.

Hi! I got an answer back, they tried giving me all kinds of solutions… Nothing worked. Have you had any answer back?

There’s been a lot of complaints of music not working recently. So I’m guessing it’s a glitch :sneezing_face:

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Hey everyone! Sorry for any issues you are experiencing. Please make sure to submit a ticket to the support team with any issues so they can be addressed. Thanks :v:

Oh god, let’s hope it gets solved soon!

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They responded but vaguely stated that they’d: ‘Sent in my information for review’ It is extremely annoying and honestly I have a low-key feeling they don’t care. And man, do I have to say that music is pivotal to so many stories and it not working is killing my mood for episode.

Hopefully they’ll release an app update that fixes this bug.