MUSIC: Episode Unplugged



Hiii, so I was thinking why can’t we put the acapella songs on our stories, since they are of Episode, right? I don’t know anything about copyright, but I think it would be awesome if at least we can use some songs for our stories, you know. Or maybe in every story we have the right to use one song of that album, it’s just a suggestion.



They should add those songs in the music and sound album!


Or even just add music that they used in Demi or any other stories involving music




The Demi music would need to be uncopyrighted for them (so they’d need permission).


I support your idea, but I would add something more than what you said… Maybe something as we can add our own songs. Like, I know how to play guitar and sing really good, so why could I not upload my own song for character in my story who is on some contest and is singing it?

That would be really cool