Music fade out problem


Hello! I’m confused about how the music is supposed to fade and what number to fade it to?


volume music x T
volume sound x T

x is volume level from 0 to 100
T is time in milliseconds (1000 milliseconds is 1 second)

An example would be:

volume music 0 3000

With that code, the volume for music will go to 0 in 3 seconds, making it appear as if it’s fading out.

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Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]

This helps so much! Thank you!


wait would you have to put the name of the song you’re using or like EXACTLY in your example?


Nope just exactly how I did the example :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks again!


Hey, is it possible to fade in music? Just wondering cause I want to do that with a particular scene


Yea there is!

So you wanna use the command:

volume sound X S

X = volume level (0 to 100)
S = length of time (in milliseconds)

So basically you need to add a sound (or music) with the volume at 0 (0%), then you want to boost up the volume gradually.
volume sound 100 4000

That will bring up the volume to 100% in 4 seconds

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