Music fading out problem

Hi, I can’t hear my music fade out.

Here’s the script:
sound music_aggropop
&ROGERS faces right
@ROGERS starts shiftweight
@zoom on 28 410 to 628% in 18
@pause for a beat
@zoom on 48 369 to 248% in 0
@HAYDEN walks to spot 0.731 127 252 in zone 1
@HAYDEN moves to layer 4
volume music 0 2000

Can anyone help?

It needs to be volume music 000 2000

You used SOUND music_aggropop, so you’ll need to use SOUND for the fading out as well.

It’s either sound music_aggropop & volume sound 0 2000 OR music music_aggropop & volume music 0 2000.

It depends in the wording you use like sound or music

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