Music fading problem

Sooo I know the code for fading music is volume music X T or whatever, but when I start a new scene the music wont play? I already tried refading it like volume music 100 0000 but it’s only heard for like two seconds and then it fades again. Help?

Let’s see your script

Try changing that to volume 100 music 0

did not work

Put it under the new music command:

music crowd_murmur
volume music 100 0

just did and nothing lol



Make sure you have enough script time between the 5 second music fade and the new music. If you do not have 5 seconds of script between them in this case, the new music won’t start because the old is still in the process of stopping.

So right now you have an excess of a 2 second overlap since the music fade is 5 seconds and the transition is only 3.


Yup @Purple_Ghost is right! :wink:

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Oh! That makes sense, thank you so much!

Hi im new to this whole music fading out thing and im having trouble understanding how it works can someone help me

Basically the music is going to get quieter until the reader can’t hear it at all (assuming you are fading to volume 0).

So if you do:
volume music 0 2000
The music will fade until the reader can not hear it in 2 seconds.

How do you make music fade in ?

Same idea except you change the volume number to 100 (volume ranges from 0 to 100).

So if you do:
volume music 100 2000
The music will fade into full volume in 2 seconds.

thank you for the help it makes more sense now :slight_smile:

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