Music Help please

Does anyone know the name of the bell music hopeemoon uses in loving latino? My cousin was playing it and I really like it, so if anyone know the name of the sound (from portal) pls tell me! xx

What kind of bell is it? how does it sound like?

idk how to explain it, its like music with bells in the background
(it can sound kind of scary I guesss…)
I’m sorry idk how to explain

these are the different bells:


its not one those, the bells are more of a background feature to the music
but thanks so much for helping xx

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Also there is:



its not one of them either :laughing:
I’ve tried them before and just checked again now
I just don’t wanna have to go through every sound
but TAHNK YOUUUU!!!:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

oh ok

anyone pls