Music in the mobile version and one more style too(musica e estilos

the music and the sound effects transmit a good aura to read and I’m sorry that can only be used in the web version. if I am wrong and there is a way to use music in the mobile version please let me know.

(A música e os efeitos sonoros transmitem uma boa aura ao ler e tenho pena que só possa ser usado na versao web.
Caso eu esteja errada e haja uma maneira de usar música na versao mobile por favor me avisem.)

the style of the mobile not ugly but it was good to be able to have different styles like in the web version even if it was just one more.
This is my request and maybe other people have it too.

(O estilo do celular não é feio mas era bom poder ter uns estilos diferentes como na versao web nem que fosse só mais um.
Este é o meu pedido e talvez outras pessoas o tenham também)


Hi @Kyaroraina! Please make sure to follow the Feature Request Guidelines when creating threads. This helps us keep organized and make sure that all suggestions get escalated in a timely manner. Thanks a bunch!

Closed until the thread is updated to follow feature request guidelines :v:t2: