Music Industry Styled RP: Official RP Thread


You may begin. The setting is in a room, where all you all just heard about the record competition.
Good luck!


ORP: As you’re the only one who has a full profile and faceclaim, I tagged you first. Want to open? Or shall I?

ORP: Here you go.


ORP: You can, sorry I’m a bit busy.


ORP: All good.

Clair cheers, hyped for this chance. As of now, she’s a solo artist. But she’s still looking for members for Trayus. She scratches the back of her head. She has brown eyes, short, boyish silver-dyed hair. On the nearly shaved sides, you can see her natural brown roots. She has a leather jacket tied around her waist, and a tank top, with the symbol of some rock band. Her arms and chest are covered in tattoos, and they’re quite striking. She’s certainly not hideous, and many would call her gorgeous. She has a nose piercing, and earrings. Her eyes dart towards Darcy, and she smiles, waving at her.


ORP: @Miss_Moonlight
Just a reminder. Whenever you’re ready, I posted the starter.


Nooo it started ahhh slow down


ORP: You about available for the RP? I don’t mean to be impatient, I’m just eager.


ORP: Don’t worry about it. The started implies we’re all in the room. Even people who aren’t made yet.