Music Industry Styled RP: Sign Up Thread


Roleplay thread will be up shortly! But for now, this is the sign up thread.

Ever wanted to be a star? Here’s your chance. Gather your friends, make a band, and win the ultimate prize. A signing deal from the record industry of your choice.

PM me your faceclaim!


Faceclaims and characters found here. Apply to get your character added to the list!


PM me your faceclaim, please.






I’ll add you asap!


I will sign up in a little bit!!


What does “biography” mean?


Like, a backstory. Some basic information.


I sumbited! I’ll PM you the FC now.


tbh im kind of confused what do we do when it asks band name and members??


Yay!! So many people!!


If you’re in a group with multiple people.




A band is a group of musicians. It’s for if you have one. If you’re a solo artist, leave it blank.


Where do I pm my fC to??


This one. I think I have full access now.


Anyone In a band that needs a member then?!


I am. Trayus is a hard rock band. Clair needs a drummer and a bassist.


I’ll be your drummer!