Music Is Not Working

So let me sow you, where it’s going wrong.

music off


music ocean_ambient_lp

I get:

I’m not sure but I think you need a character or the narrator to tell something. The script doesn’t understand the fact that you’re stopping the music and putting it back just after. You can also try to add “@pause for seconds” and see if it works

It worked. Thank you so much!

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You’re welcome!

Are you looking for a writing partner?

Well I’ve started a writing group already. You can join it if you want! And if you need help to co-write your story I’d be happy to help :blush:

Thank you. I thought I’d never find a partner. Do you have Hangouts or do you want to PM?

Also, I’d love to join the writing group.

Follow this link!

I don’t have Discord! Is it easy to sign up to?

Yes you just need an email!

I did it! Now what?

Thanks for the assist and topic closed :slight_smile: