Music isn’t working

I have the same problem again with my music it was fine for a long time but the problem is back. When There is supposed to be a another song when i read the music just stops and the next song doesn’t come up. Does anyone else Have this problem

You can’t see it its when i read a story you can only hear it

I have this problem too! This is like, the third time in a row! Episode needs to fix this weird bug!

Yeahh They really need to fix it. Reading story’s isn’t the same without the music working correct



I also have the same problem. I had updated the app in so many times, but the music still not working. I also try to close the app and reopened it again but the result is still the same. I don’t know what to do🤨…

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I have the same problem , when I review it on my computer it’s say web audio failed but I’ve submitted a file ticket to episode,hopefully it will work.If I was you I would submit a file ticket :slight_smile:

Can someone please be helpful? I don’t care if you’re like “SaMe IT iS sO WeiRd” like does any one actually know how to fix it?!


I know right! This is so annoying!!

I’ve been having the same issue and submitted a ticket and this was the response:

“ There is currently a known issue with some music files not playing properly in the app. The team is currently investigating this issue.

Some players have reported that performing a soft-close of the app can help the music to start playing correctly once again. To soft-close the app, you can tap the home button to bring you back to the main screen of your device, then reopen the app by tapping on the Episode icon. This should bring you back to your place in the chapter and refresh the music files. Full-closing or re-installing the app will likely not repair this issue, and doing so can cause the chapter to start over.”

It did work for me, hopefully it’s fixed permanently in the future :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s a weird bug. But I found an odd solution that has worked for me. When adding music you have to do this in order for it to actually work in the story:

music music_spookyaction
volume music 100 0

or (if you want the music to fade in.)

music music_spookyaction
volume music 0 0
volume music 100 2000

Does this help, my friend?