Music isn't appear

Hey guys. I have a problem and I don’t know what to do… Maybe you can help me :3

So, I have a script. And at the beginning, when i put music (music music_upliftingdidgeridoopop for example), it works great. But in the next scene, when i put (for example) music music_raprock_lp , it isn’t apper. I made sure that i have music off in script before new music. There is no any errors in script and also there is no problem with sounds, only with music.

Have you ideas what could it be?

Can I see your script?

Have you turned on the volume of the music again for the next sound?

I take notice to always add a
volume sound 80 0 <— (volume 80% for sound instantly)
before a sound command. Music instead of sound if it’s a music command of course.



omg, really. thank you, it helps a lot :]

thank you, already find a solution :blush:

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