Music Isn't Playing


At the end of the Episode that I was writing, I was considering to fade out the music. I really didn’t like that, so I deleted it. Then, my previous music can’t be heard. I’ve had this before and I don’t why it is happening again, can someone help me? Thank you!


Can you send a picture of the script?


Like, what parts? When the music is off or…?


Where the put the music that isn’t playing, if that makes sense.


Mind if I just show you the script instead?


I don’t mind. ;p


&zoom reset
&speechbubble reset

music music_introspectiveacoustic

&CHARACTER1 spot 0.813 135 231 in zone 1 at layer 3 AND CHARACTER1 is rear
&CHARACTER2 spot 0.759 176 286 in zone 1 at layer 1 THEN CHARACTER2 faces left AND CHARACTER2 is idle_awkward

@pause for 1.3


This was my first music.

Second music.

music music_climacticromance
&zoom reset
&speechbubble reset

&cut to zone 2
&CHARACTER1 spot 0.732 110 186 THEN CHARACTER1 faces right AND CHARACTER1 is idle_sit_legs_up
&CHARACTER2 spot 0.750 244 240 THEN CHARACTER2 faces left AND CHARACTER2 is talk_sit_reassure

Third music.

music juvie_tenderness
&CHARACTER2 faces left AND CHARACTER1 spot 0.804 219 159 AND CHARACTER2 is kiss_playful_rear AND CHARACTER1 is shocked
@pause for 2

Then, at the end. I said “music off”. I didn’t put music off for the other ones, is that why?


Put “volume music 100 0” at the beginning of the scene and then play it from there :slight_smile: the previewers volume has stayed at 0 when you faded the music out if that makes any sense


Thank you, it worked!


@Sydney_H You can close this, it’s been solved.

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