Music & Lyrics Discussion Thread 🎼

IMPORTANT: NOT a discussion thread for the 2007 romantic-comedy “Music & Lyrics” starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore! No mentions of Hugh’s floppy hair and boyish charms will be tolerated!

Music is the best! What are you listening to? Any good lyrics you’d like to share? Feel free to talk about it here and let’s share the wealth :slight_smile:

Recently I’ve been really digging into Kanye’s (:crown:) Late Registration and having a ball, hbu?


I’ve been listening to the some twentieth century Russian composers lately-- mostly Prokofiev.

Mozart’s Turkish March is always a favorite of mine.
Of course, you have to find a good performance, or it is annoying; I recommend Georgii Cherkin’s arrangement for piano and orchestra.


I’ve been super into the Music and Lyrics soundtrack lately… :wink:

I’m gonna be in here a lot. I have a music addiction and my tastes vary from opera to rock to big band.

Right now I’m mostly into folk pop, and anti-folk. I cant stop listening to Regina Spektor.

Also showtunes, but I am ALWAYS into showtunes.


I’ll definitely give Georgii Cherkin’s arrangement a go! I love the Turkish March but I havent heard that one.


Aww but I love the song “Way Back Into Love” from the movie Music and Lyrics! Lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well my favorite artist right now and has been for the past couple years is The Weeknd. I absolutely adore Abel’s voice; it has a Michael Jackson-y vibe to where he sounds just like him! He even does covers of Michael Jackson songs and honestly you can’t tell if it is or isn’t actually Michael Jackson. But his themes are pretty dark and for very mature audiences which I really love. The fact that you can’t tell the difference between studio and live when he sings is utterly amazing.

My music taste isn’t strict though. Honestly I can listen to anything that sounds good to me. I grew up listening to country (my dad’s a farmer lol) and oldies from the 50s - 80s because that’s all my mom would listen to when I was a kid. It’s funny that I know so many oldies songs because I would be watching movies with my family and a song from the 60s starts playing and I start singing along to it. My husband is always like, “How do you even know that song?” I just shrug and continue singing along.
When I direct, lounge, or when I’m at the gym I listen to anything I feel like. I could be listening to 3 Doors Down then all of a sudden switch it up and start listening to Martin Garrix then after that put on a One Direction song then go back to Slipknot.


It’s a good soundtrack! Always down to give “Buddha’s Delight” a spin :slight_smile: And I love showtunes! What are some of your favourite tracks or musicals??

@Cricket_Master Thanks for the recommendation! I’m always looking for more classical to listen to as I tend to just listen to lots of Liszt cause he’s such a popstar!


Did someone mention Slipknot? Now you are speaking my language!

I would love to go over some lyrics that I enjoy from the more earlier work but majority of it is definitely not safe for this forum, lol. Recently I have been listening to a lot of Brand New and Bad Religion tbh. You ever run into a song or band that has been around for many, many years and you finally just got into them? That’s my current relationship with Bad Religion and I dislike myself for just getting into them. The Empire Strikes First is a masterpiece!


I’m a BIG fan of Beyonce. I’ve literally listened to every one of her songs, but I’m also making an effort to listen to other artists’ music.
Recently, I’ve listened All The Stars by Kendrick Lamar and SZA. I know, it’s the credits music of Black Panther, the box-office hit of February 2018. I recommend it because, firstly, I somehow feel connected to it, like I feel as if I can achieve my dreams, as if the stars are finally coming closer. When I finally reach the top of a mountain and look into the night sky, I see a more bigger cluster of stars, rather than when you see while standing on your home’s rooftop. The top of the mountain is the finishing goal and the magnificent starry sky is the happiness or reward. Secondly, because it’s a music from a Marvel movie, and I’m a big Marvel fan, so yeah.



@anime hey just moving Grimes talk over here where it isn’t stopping the flow of that game thread :slight_smile: I think that whole album is 100% perfection but my favourite track is hands down “Butterfly” because it just GLOWS! It’s such sweet, syrupy happiness and the chorus hits so hard and the whole song structure is fascinating to me. I could gush about it forever honestly! Hbu?

oooo i didn’t kno this thread existed thanks for linkin’ me here

maaaaan i love butterfly but i’m also rlly attached to california (it resonates w me because i live there and the lyrics really hit close to home) and easily

i love how butterfly and world princess pt. II sounds though, i could put them on repeat for eternity!!

and sometimes when i’m feelin angsty i like to put on kill v maim at full blast


Yes! Her vocal delivery on that song blows me away every time :slight_smile: I love how she produced and crafted every single sound on that album by herself as a response to condescending dudebro producers not letting her touch gear in studios. And that song is full of all that righteous fury! “I don’t behave”…


A fellow maggot in the episode community! :metal:t2::stuck_out_tongue:

Please tell me you’re a fan of System of a Down also!! They are my all time favorite band!

Yes! In that situation right now with Sum 41. I mean I’ve heard them before when I was a kid, well because of the American Pie movies :smile:, but I wasn’t really a fan of them back then. It wasn’t until recently that I started listening to more of their songs and actually appreciating them.


Oh my gosh, I love so many. I grew up watching things like the King and I and the Sound of Music.

I’ve been very into the big, like, gothic musicals - the Phantom of the Opera (but also other versions, like Phantom of the Opera by Ken Hill that uses music from opera, or Phantom by Yeston and Kopit…I have a small Phantom obsession), Jekyll and Hyde, the Scarlet Pimpernel. There’s also shows like Into The Woods or Evita, which aren’t really gothic but have a bigger feel to them then say, Grease (which isn’t to say Grease isn’t amazing, because obviously it is).

Lately I’ve been relistening to Aida a lot, and oh my gosh, OBSESSED with the song Getting Married Today from Company. The speed of that delivery is just incredible. I used to do community theatre and we did a lot of musicals, so I keep trying to see if I could perform it, and I always get tongue-tied!

And because I literally can’t stop listing musicals I love, some shows from my childhood I will always love: Annie, Beauty and the Beast, and the Little Mermaid. Obviously the last two shows didn’t come out until later, but I ran those VHS tapes dead. The Little Mermaid is the reason my mother taught me to work a VCR before I could walk or talk because she didn’t want me waking her up at 3 AM anymore.

…what about you? lol


Just re-watched the Phantom film with Gerald Butler and forgot how funny that movie is to me. I feel like they need to stop casting actors who they then try to teach to sing and dance instead of hiring the actual performers. Cause when you hire the real deal you end up with an adaptation like the 70’s “Jesus Christ Superstar” which I think is just tops!

Ever heard of the film “Phantom of the Paradise”? It’s a rock-opera based on the Phantom story and it’s my favourite film ever, highly recommend!

The big ones that I was raised on are “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”, “Blues Brothers”, “Music Man” and “Singing in the Rain” stuff like that. Mostly movies of musicals I guess! Definitely a lot of Disney (“Robin Hood” gets my vote for best songs!) and the “Dreamgirls” soundtrack will never leave my Mom’s car for the rest of her life :slight_smile:


Uggghhh. I have a lot of feels about the 2004 movie with Gerard Butler. They’re not good feels. They are very, very bad feels. xD Did you know that for the All I Ask Of You Reprise (where he sings on top of the statue) they had to loop his voice? I can’t believe they hired a non-singer. Thankfully, other movies seem to have learned from them, because like, Into The Woods had decent singers.

My main problem with that film is that the director was just awful. Emmy Rossum came from an opera background and barely got to do any acting. …but I digress!

I have seen Phantom of the Paradise. I…admittedly laughed all the way through. Was it a comedy? I didn’t think it was when I started but wow, it was hilarious. I should give it another chance. If you want a good Phantom movie that isn’t from the 20s - 40s, I recommend the Phantom of the Opera miniseries with Charles Dance and Teri Polo. It’s based off the show by Yeston and Kopit. It’s not a musical, but it was SO GOOD.

I’ll go on about Phantom forever but I’m already wayyy off topic haha, oops.

Seven Brides is such a good movie. Music Man and Singing in the Rain too! My mom and I would watch Singing in the Rain, White Christmas, and West Side Story together all the time. And cry, haha. Robin Hood really does have GREAT music. I think the older Disney movies are wayyy underrated. I love the music from like Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and Mary Poppins.


Let’s see, I like to listen to . . .

80’s Pop, 90’s Pop, Surf Rock, Dubstep, Electronic, 2000’s pop, Disney, Wedding Classical, Emo, 80’s dance.

I am currently really into electronic swing yes, it’s like 20’s music turned electronic.

(a gif to join the trend)


That show sounds great I’ll have to check it out! And poor Emmy Rossum, I feel like I forget she’s in that movie while watching it.

And Phantom is so funny! I wouldn’t ever call it a pure comedy but it’s definitely got jokes. It kind of covers all the bases tonally haha which is what makes it the best imo. Just a big ol’ expressionist-gothic-horror-satirical-musical-melodrama-tragi-comic spectacular all about Death and Pop music! What’s not to love? :slight_smile:

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I had never heard of electronic swing before; thanks for the introduction. :slight_smile:


WELL ITS TIME TO FIND ME SOME ELECTRONIC SWING. That sounds incredible. Thank you!

Also, whenever I’m in the car, I turn on the 80s station. It’s such good music.

@Ryan, I will give Phantom of the Paradise another chance. I was young and it was late and the uh…certain groups of women threw me for a loop. I need it for my collection, anyway. I only have eight Phantom movies right now. xD

OH. Actually, probably more up your alley: Phantom of the Opera with Robert Englund. It’s a cheesy 80s horror movie - very much a Robert Englund-style horror movie - and it’s just a lot of fun. …again not a lot of music in that so I’m still off topic, but I’m doing my best here. xD


exactly!!! she’s one of the few artists that writes AND produces her own stuff! what she can do is amazing and i really wish she gets more recognition and that people look beyond her eccentricity, because really, her quirkiness is the best part of her.