Music & Lyrics Discussion Thread 🎼



I’m literally in love with Ed Sheeran :heart:


We’ll avenge you @Ryan! :heart:


does anybody else listen to m83?
because if you don’t, you should.

the music seems so… big… and epic. like you’re floating through space, or looking over a beautiful view. it’s hard to describe, but it’s just so perfect.

Some starter songs for y'all (other than Midnight City)


In The Cold I’m Standing

The Highest Journey


also, i quickly remembered another genre -
it’s like, vaporwave, but without all the pop culture. think blade runner.
pretty amazing stuff.

SPACE TRIP II [ Chillwave - Synthwave - Retrowave Mix ]

seriously planning to base my overwatch oc off this aesthetic.


When it comes to music, I’m a picky SOB. I really only like a few genres, and that’s about it. When it comes to ones where they actually have singers, I definitely fall into the Country/Americana/folk category. I also tend to listen to lesser named people, as I do feel that a lot of what is called mainstream “country” is just… bad. Lyrically, I’ve found some artists who are just downright incredible.

My favorite two in this sense would definitely be John Moreland and Jason Isbell.

Isbell’s Southeastern album was one of the best albums I have ever heard. Songs like Yvette were dark, but it kept you interested as the song built up the story, and ended it on a eerie note, in a sense. Live Oak is a masterpiece on its own really due to the ending. I have yet to figure out what the hell happened in the end, whether the protagonist killed the girl or if she died naturally. You don’t know, and Isbell made it that way on purpose. Then you have a song like Elephant, which is possibly the most gut wrenching true songs that I’ve heard about cancer. It’s not hopeful like the rest. Instead, it’s about what often happens. While I never had someone like a girlfriend who died from it, I’ve had family members die of it. So in ways, the song hit me on a personal level. That damned song made me tear up in the end. It is possibly his best song. From his most recent album, one I wasn’t a fan of, he received a lot of acclaim for his song If We Were Vampires. It is hard for me to explain it. It’s more of one I had to listen to and read the lyrics to (as with any of his or Moreland’s songs) to really understand it.

Moreland has been characterized as the “sad bastard of country” by Chris Stapleton, and is one of Miranda Lambert’s favorite artists. While he doesn’t consider himself country, his sounds are indicative of country/folk/Americana. His solo albums are where he has built his name. In the Throes, his first solo album, is pretty good. But his second, High on the Tulsa Heat, in my opinion, is his best album. There’s perhaps one “meh” song for me on there. The rest are either good or incredible. His best, to me, are You Don’t Care for Me Enough to Cry, Cleveland County Blues, and White Flag.

I can go on and on about them, and many other artists I love. But for the sake of keeping this short, I’ll end here.


by providence, impoverished, in squalor…
Grow up to be a hero and a scholar?


This piece needs more love, and I hope to see more from the composer.


Thought I would write this here at my wedding we all spontaneously started singing “Welcome to the black parade” it was intense.


“If you wanna make the world a better place,
Take a look at yourself
And make that change.”


"…If you missed the train I’m on,
You will know that I am gone.
You can hear the whistle blow – a hundred miles.
A hundred miles, a hundred miles,
A hundred miles, a hundred miles.
You can hear the whistle blow – a hundred miles…"

By Justin Timberlake. The lyrics just got stuck in my head the first time I heard them. They were the ones providing me peace when I was in my darkest moments in my life.


My jam from 11 years ago!

<3 40 Below Summer! I think this is the edited version of the video they use to play at Best Buy for a short period of time.


Ahhh, I remember this!! :ok_hand:t2:


i wanna be a bottle blonde
i don’t know why but i feel conned
i wanna be an idle teen
i wish i hadn’t been so clean


Whilst this is a music thread, I just want to say…

Chester Bennington - 1 year today, still heartbreaking! :cry:

Linkin Park is being played all day to appreciate the one & only, RIP :broken_heart:


Linkin Park’s music has always been one of my favorites for many years. Some of my favorite songs from them are A Place for My Head, My December, Forgotten, Shadow of the Day, Lost in the Echo and more. Mostly Hybrid Theory songs but I like most of their songs in general, even some of their recent or new ones, mainly because of the meaning hidden on the lyrics, and the arrangement of the instruments.

Chester Bennington… I still vividly remember that day like it was yesterday. It’s hard to believe that it’s been one year since that tragedy already. =/


I agree man :disappointed: few of my favourites are: Breaking the Habit, Leave Out All The Rest, Crawling, Shadow of Glass, Papercut, What Ive done, Burn it Down, New Divide, The Catalyst…too many!!!

I love all of there stuff from start to finish, I remember it too like it was yesterday, its just so so sad.

Did you watch the tribute? :broken_heart: Ill be watching it again tonight in honour of him

RIP Chester :heart: