MUSIC: More Music Genres!

We kinda need more types of music!

Here I have some examples with videos to give an idea of what I am looking for!

  • Lofi/Rnb

  • Asian Music/instruments

  • Songs that sound like actual songs, like an anime opening or a song you would hear on the radio.

  • Opera

  • more club music, but this time, retro/w a v e s!

  • Dubstep!


We NEED dubstep.

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Holdup i’m gonna add that–

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Fantasy/dramatic music, war music or action scenes music too!


Yes!!! Support! I’d love more traditional and instrumental music! And lofi sounds amazing! I wish we could add our own sounds, and just have it approved just like how backgrounds and overlays are approved. There was a dubstep sound that I love, but Episode removes it. It was called dangerousdubstep, and you can listen to it on YouTube. And more old, vintage, or classical music that resembles Mozart, Chopin, Bach, or Beethoven’s style,


I support! - also more crime drama/thriller music!


Support !
Just more music in general actually. I’ve been using the same old *ss sad_goodbye since 2015, if I hear it one more time … :rofl:

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Support! We need more catchy music :notes:

I would kill for a new wave and retro genre. :sob:

Support! We do need more genres of music in the portal.