Music not playing on mobile app

Hello! I am having an issue where music is not playing on the episode app (in my story and as well for other users stories) . Sound works perfectly fine but music is non-existent. I tried everything you can think of (restarting app, uninstalling/reinstalling, logging in/out, resetting story progress, and restarting my phone.) But nothing solved this issue. It has worked perfectly fine earlier today and yesterday but it suddenly stopped out of no where. I can hear the music perfectly fine in the portal but when I get on the app it just disappears. Please help!


Issue fixed itself out of nowhere. I guess it solved.


XD Yup

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This happened to me. :joy:

But it’s fixed sooo…

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And not even 10 minutes later the issue has a occurred again and I know what to do :T

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Try doing: reset story progress, or reset episode.

Didn’t work but i am staring to notice a pattern. When I am on the portal the music works on the app but when i am not the music stops working its so weird.

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When I’m trying to test my story for music on the app it doesn’t work but when testing it in the writers portal it does work. So idk what to do either ughhhhhhh :joy: