Music not working in app

So I’ve double checked everything in my script and nothing seemed to be wrong. Both sounds and music work on my web previewer but only sound works in my app. I’m getting frustrated, can someone read my story to see if it works? btw my story isn’t published yet.

Hey, I can read your story. Do you have the link?

Thank you, I’ll pm you. Also the music should start the second you read the chapter.

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hmmm is it possible that on the start of the story you have set volume of music to 0 somewhere?

Because if you preview next chapter it will play the music but if it is switched of before somewhere it will not play in the app…

Yea I always put the volume 0 0 every time I fade in the music, but actually someone said they could hear both sounds and music so it was just probably a glitch on my end, thank you tho! :blob_hearts:

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