Music Script Error

Hello guys

I was wondering, if anyone knows what the problem here:

And this is the message:

I have no clue, what to do or how to fix this, so I would be thankful for help!


Under sound off, try writing:

@pause for 0

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Okay, will try!

If that’s the end of your script it’s just telling you you have to add more basically.


Basically what she said,

It’s a bad ending to end with music and nothing else,

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Didn’t worked

My bad sorry, you need to show more of your script.
Also, you can’t end it on a label

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Oh, okay Thank you @anon89987562 and @Lauren.Writes!

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Your welcome! Hope it helps :heart:

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No problem!

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Its okay! Others think I might just have to add more, to make the error remove.
But I appreciate your help!

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