MUSIC SHARING: What are you listening to?

Hello :slight_smile:

Long ago, when Episode’s forum use to be blue and white and gold? (I think?) I had a thread for people to share music that they listen to/they like.

It can be something you are listening to as of right now, reading this post.
Or it can be something you have been listening to every day of every week on repeat…24/7…
OR it can be a playlist/list for your writing


Please refrain yourselves from sharing more than 3 songs/links in each post. Not only will this keep things neater, but it will also be a little challenge for those indecisive minded brains out there :wink:

(I’m one, too! I’m already thinking about which links to share, lol.

You are able to post more than once on this thread, HOWEVER, refrain yourself from spamming, please. At most, you can make 2 consecutive posts.

SHOULD the thread become active, or busy, do wait until another user posts something before you make another post again. No spamming.

I am completely open to anyone’s choice of music.

I’ll start us off :slight_smile:

  1. Skyrim’s Ambience from a DLC (Ambience)

  2. Several classical composers, especially pianists. I’ve become absolutely obsessed with Chopin’s Aeolian Harp It’s just so…I don’t know! It just feels like waking up to watch the sunrise bring colour back into a sleepy world.

  3. I’ve been listening to The Last of Us – I just love the guitar and the atmosphere. Very moody.

AND, better, yet, if you happen to be a musician yourself who has some music to show off THIS is definitely your chance to shine!

Please respect my rules, as I’m aiming for this thread to be neat and orderly.


I’m listening to Just Good Friends by Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder!


7 rings
Sweet but psycho

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bad idea by ari <33

Panic! At the Disco : High Hopes

Brendon is quite the inspiration :slight_smile: It’s remarkable how even to this day, I am still so taken by his music! I remember having his punky music on repeat every day!

Power over me -
Dermot Kennedy

Killer queen -
QUEEN. Edit: (Soz, this is just such a good song)

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Radio Ga Ga by Queen


Omg just when I edited that hahahahhahaha

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I also LOVE that song . *all we hear is radio ga ga radio goo goo


Why Her Not Me
-Grace Carter

I love that song too!

Now, I’m listening to the 2nd album by Seo Taiji and Boys (old Korean group)

I Want It That Way ~ Backstreet Boys :heart:

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“I Wanna Know What Love Is” - Foreigner

Huge favorite of mine.

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I’m listening to So Far and playing mantigames.

In the name of love by Bebe rexha,Martin garrix

Tried up by Ama lou

Garden(say it like that) by sza

Radio Ga Ga, duh!



Hoooorraaaaayyyyy!!! Finally somebody who likes that song!!!

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I love that song so much!

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