MUSIC SHARING: What are you listening to?

Party in the U.S.A by Miley Cyrus
Shut up and dance by WALK THE MOON

Basically the whole k-12 album by Melanie Martinez

Currently listenin to my nightcore playlist on youtube.

atm this is playing:

And soon I plan on listening to song by Sunrise Avenue

Bloodshot - Dove Cameron
High School Sweethearts - Melanie Martinez
Daylight - Taylor Swift

Any song by Banners :joy:.

I’ve been obsessed with Lauv lately, if anyone listens to him, let me know and we can fangirl :pleading_face:

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I’ve been listening to I Like Me Better and Bracelet a ton since the album released.

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Oh my godddd girl <3333 I’m in love with Julia, Lonely Eyes, and all of his new album. Mans can’t make a bad song.

P.S. what’s your episode? I’d love to do a follow for follow if you’re down