MUSIC: something heavy


I honestly think that Episode needs to improve its selection of rock genres in order to accommodate someone like me, who’s writing about a fan of the metal genre.
What do you guys say?


Idk I think there is a loot of sounds/music to choose from, I personally have problem since I started using sounds I can’t choose from the list because of amount of options :grin:
I understand your issue but Isn’t that little complicated since everyone has different taste? :thinking:
Then they should add more to all of genres not only rock.
I think the simpliest way is to use sounds that we have and be creative about them, choose some only in parts and stuff like that.:blush:
I hope this make at least a little sense.:heart:


Ok, thanks for the reply :smiley:


Definitely :smiley:


Glad I’m not the only one who enjoys metal :guitar: :metal: :smile:


Support! I like using the rock music options when my characters are arguing and it would be cool to have something hardcore because well, some of my characters have serious anger issues :smiley:


Yeah, there is something about hardcore rock and anger :smiley:


I would appreciate also some punk :smiley: it’s hard to write about punks with music that sounds like poprock :smiley:




I hereby bump it up!


bump bump :grinning: