MUSIC/SOUND coding error in app?

Hi loves! I’m wondering why the music would stop when the sound comes on?
Above is my script. I do have a video to show for more visual purposes. Please help!


I don’t see anything wrong with the script - do you have the video?

Yes! Message me on instagram! @episode.akm

And that’s what I was thinking as well. On the portal there didn’t seem to be an issue but the episode app shows otherwise.

I get the feeling it might be another one of those annoying bugs -.- Do you have the music off at any point during the scene? If not, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Well, above I did:
volume music 0 1000
music off


Based on this Ams, I would give it more time between the scenes by adding transitions that are 1-2 sec or pauses since with the way it is now, you’re trying to fade it out in 2 seconds, but also trying to turn it off in 0 seconds and then have it going again in 1 second. You could also remove the music off command (if you want to) since I don’t think you need it.


What @schittwriter said is correct. You have the command to lower the music volume to 0 in 2 seconds, while also having a command to increase it in 1 second. The script will always try to finish off the first command before reading the second.

Try this:

@zoom on 160 284 to 192% in 2 using easein

volume music 0 1000

@transition fade out white 1


music juvie_hustle
volume music 50 1000

#continue as normal

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