Music/sound glitch


I wanted to ask a question.
Since a few days I have some trouble with playing music on episode, with both stories I read and my own story that I’m currently writing.
One time it works, but in a split of a second the music doesn’t work anymore.
Also, when the music is playing, it starts creaking, once the scene ends and another one starts, the music disappears completely.
The only thing that works is the sound.
I heard that a lot of people have the same problem, and I wanted to add that I never had this glitch before, I also don’t have any errors in my portal and before this bug my music always worked.
I tried shutting off my phone, closing the app etc. but nothing works.
I hope there’s a solution to this and someone can help me, because it would be disappointing if the music in my story doesn’t work once I finally publish.

Thank you in advance.

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Omg I get the same problem!

I close the app and open it again and it usually works but when there’s another scene, the music disappears

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Yes exactly! I have no idea what to do about this.

I have the same problem I already send a ticket to episode and They said it was something with the download and they Said that I had to restart the app well I did this like a 100 times and it doesn’t work at all its really frustrating :roll_eyes:

Try force stopping the app. If that don’t work uninstall and reinstall. I’ve had to do this before. Annoying but has worked in the past. Hope this helpful.

I did that to Again so Many times it doesn’t help

Shoot. Well hopefully it fixed itself or they get it fixed soon!

Same! I have to pull up Siri every scene to make the sound work again!

I have the same thing too! I hope they are going to fix it soon, its annoying me so much that i dont even want to play the whole game😩

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Has anybody figured out how to fix this problem? Im still having it and its so annoying!!:skull_and_crossbones: