Music & Sound works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't?

I’ve done my research and I know that there needs to be a dialog or action to make the music/sound work and I know that you need to turn it off as well. But for some reason, it only works sometimes… Can anyone help me, please?

I don’t know what you mean by “it only works sometimes” but I think maybe you had your volume down or there’s an error in you script (Ex. @music sound_name).
If you want to add sound:
sound sound_name

If you want to add music:
music sound name

To turn off music/sound:
sound off
music off

To change volume:

Use volume sound x (volume level 1 to 100) T (time in milliseconds; 1000 milliseconds = 1 second)

I hope I’ve answered your question…or part of it.

Thanks for responding so fast! When I play it back on my phone It works on some and others it does not… I didn’t know you had to put @ in front?! I’ll try that, thank you!

Sorry for not making it clear enough. What I meant is that if you do @music sound_name, you will get an error.

Can you tell me what you did in your script or send me a picture? Maybe I can figure out what the problem might be.

I just realized that lol, yeah I have no idea what I’m doing wrong…

Oh lol. From my experiences, there are some sounds that you can barely hear (which I want to give examples but I can’t remember one :sweat_smile:) and some you can hear even if your volume is down. I guess it’s just depends on whichever sound you used.


music shortmusic_whimsicalpiano
Off Limits Episode 1

@ME stands screen left AND ME faces right

    ME (talk_neutral_atcamera_loop)
Hello there thanks for choosing My Story Off Limits!
    ME (kiss_blow_happy_atcamera)
Really hope you like!


(I think I have time to do my hair and makeup)

@LEAD ROLL goes to character avatar in hair

@LEAD ROLL stands screen center in zone 3 AND LEAD ROLL faces left
@pause for a beat
sound carhorn_beepbeep
LEAD ROLL (talk_primp_neutral)
Looking good girl!

    LEAD ROLL (react_startled_surprised)
(Dang she's FAST!)

Honey Kat's here!
Tell her to stop honking, she's gonna upset the neighbors!

@LEAD ROLL is eyeroll_subtle
sound off
LEAD ROLL (callout_neutral)
Sorry mom, I’m coming!



@cut to zone 2
@LEAD ROLL stands screen left in zone 2 AND LEAD ROLL faces right and LEAD ROLL is text_phone_neutral_loop
@pause for a beat
sound phone_vibrate_text

@pause for 2
@LEAD ROLL starts read_phone_neutral_loop
@pause for 1
LEAD ROLL (deepbreath)
(I guess I better get ready!)

@LEAD ROLL stands screen left in zone 2 AND LEAD ROLL faces right

@follow LEAD ROLL to back far left in zone 3 AND LEAD ROLL is walk_neutral
sound off
@pause for a beat

Well I play back my scenes on my phone to make sure it’s all perfect and sometimes the phone text sound works and others it doesn’t same with the car honk lol

That’s happening to me too!
I just restart my device

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I have the same problem. In the writer portal, all sounds work, but when I preview it on phone, some randomly don’t work (sometimes it’s even the same sound).
What’s wrong with Episode, it’s so frustrating.


It’a a glitch on the app, not the story.

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So… will readers of our stories have the problem if we have it while previewing our stories?
Or will our readers be the only one who won’t get these glitches while reading?

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That’s a good question… I also want to know if you have a lot of characters because your having a party and it takes forever to load will that happen when the player is reading or not?

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