♡ music tastes + suggestions!


We need Screamo Ukulele as an option


I love the following:

  • One thing leads to another - Raign

  • Inquisitive - Sleeping wolf

  • Ghost - Halsey

  • When the sun goes down - Laney Jones

  • Rule the world - Zayde wolf

  • This is the End - Raign

  • Bring you back - Gold Brother, LIIV

  • Gasoline - Halsey

  • Wildfire - LIIV

  • Fight - Tim kamprad

  • You can’t Take me - Bryan Adams

  • Glass Heart. - Sam tinease

  • Running All night - Zayde Wolf

  • Soldier - Fleurie

And much more that will take me like days to list them all since all my songs on my playlist are what I enjoy listening mostly.


where is indie.


One of the most beautiful songs ever written IMO. It’s a emotional tribute to The Rev, their late drummer and best friend.


Okay 100% sure, this is gonna be THE thread where I will be a lot! I am so so so music addicted omg!


personal favorites:
amine (so cute, so underrated)
tommy genesis (i like some of her songs not all of them)
conan grey (aesthetic goals, his music kinda sounds the same tho)

i’ll probably add to this later


The only song by them that I have legit enjoyed. Really beautiful song, almost like a power ballad. Good news is you have given me the motivation to give this album another try :slight_smile:


I listen to BTS their really good plz don’t judge them just because they’re a KPOP group and sing in both korean and english that gives you NO RIGHT TO JUDGE THEM AND BE LIKE they don’t seem that good since it’s not an english song. I’M NOT KOREAN EITHER but I LOVE BTS cuz they are really good at making music, singing rapping, and dancing in their official music videos.

SUGGESTIONS: (They’re best songs according to me)

  1. Fake love
  2. Blood, sweat and tears
  3. DNA
  4. Idol
  5. Save me
  6. I NEED U
  7. I’m fine

Fake love MV:

Blood sweat and tears MV:



nathan sharp . he is the best if you ask me. i love his music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zzyvtk1Ea1g


I like a lot of metal, industrial, EBM, some post-punk and punk… really I’ll just go for whatever catches my interest at the moment.

Some favorites lately:

  • Doomsday Virus
  • Kamelot
  • Hocico
  • My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
  • Strvngers
  • Symphony X
  • Type O Negative
  • Leæther Strip
  • Sisters of Mercy
  • Against Me!
  • Ghost
  • She Past Away


I mostly listen to a lot of artists but just like one or two songs, I listen to a bunch since I use Pandora it has a bunch of different artists, but there are a few artists that I normally listen to all of their music, not just one or two songs.

Billie Eilish



I love Billie Eilish!! I was considering putting her on, but one thing that ticks me off is that after she released her single with Khalid, everyone jumped on a bandwagon and started liking her, but they completely ignore her other music BEFORE that single.


Billie Eilish, Twenty One Pilots…and that’s all


I kinda listen to all of the artists with different genres and styles.

Here are some artists that I love. :yellow_heart:

Michael Jackson.

One Direction.


I really like the band Dizzy!

They’re kind of an Indie-Pop group, they have one album called Baby Teeth but they also have heaps of singles and EP’s.

My favourite song of theirs is either Backstroke or Bleachers


Sounds interesting! I’m gonna look into them!


We will be here all day if I put up everything I like, so I’m just going to pick my favorite songs from my Most Played playlist and talk about those artists.

First one is BTS, a Korean boyband. They do K-pop, which is basically pop/hip-hop/rap-type music.

The members from left-top are Rap Monsta, now known at RM, Jin, Suga, and then the members on the far right side are J-Hope (my favorite <3 <3), V, and then the two on the bottom are Jungkook and Jimin. They have a brother-love dynamic going on, it’s really sweet. <3

Six albums

Favorite songs in order are Idol, Baepsae, Mic Drop (with Steve Aoki), Blood Sweat and Tears, and Fake Love

Then I got 10 Years, a rock band <3

I was obsessed with them for a good while. One time, they were offered a deal to do music written by someone else for money (I don’t remember all the specifics of the deal) they turned it down because they wanted to do their own music. <3 <3 Love this band for it, too!

Eight albums

Favorite songs in order are Chasing the Rapture, Miscellanea, Dead In The Water, Fix Me, Wasteland (arguably their most famous), Actions & Motives and Drug of Choice.

And last but not least is Krewella.

Their Pakistani-American sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf (which I didn’t know until just now, lol) and they do EDM/dubstep type stuff. They’re super energetic and awesome.

They have only 1 album, but they have 23 singles, which is where all the good stuff is mostly ^^

Favorite songs in order are Runaway, New World, Fortune, Be There, Calm Down and Killin’ It


*They’re - wow. Ashamed. I’ve never done that before, mixed up the “they’re, their, and there” before. Such ashamed…I need Jesus T.T


Currently obsessed with these songs:


Not a bad playlist!