Hello! :blush:

I had used music_teenangst in one of my chapters a few months ago. After a certain point, it went missing and the song wouldn’t work anymore.

I know that this issue was previously being looked into, but I was wondering if this is still an ongoing bug or if the music is permanently gone.

Thank you!


YESSSSS, I was gonna file a support ticket, but then eventually gave up. I still have the music recorded tho, since I saw someone from the old forums say something about it, and I still had my tab open (since, I don’t leave the portal tab, and stay on it for months and stuff lol) :heart_eyes:

Plz fix this Episode Team! :blush:

I believe that may have been one of the music tracks they removed (permanently).


This would be the best way to go about finding out what the problem is and getting it resolved :slight_smile:

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The only explanation for this bug is if the Episode team have removed it, try asking them directly.

Okay, I’ll try to file it later today, thx :blush:

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I’m pretty sure its still there, just under a different name
I remember back before they removed it, I was like, “oh these two sound the same”
& when they removed it I figured it was because there were two the same
I’m not 100% sure though
So I think its either music_emotionalstringpop or music_dramaticballad
Or maybe I’m completely wrong & it sounds different. But let me know! Hope this helps

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I use both of those in my story and it’s neither one. It’s completely gone. :slightly_smiling_face:

I want to bump this. I think I’ve already submitted a ticket, maybe I should file a new one.
This music is constantly used in featured stories :confused: It makes my heart bleed.

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It’s been over 9 days? Can you PM me the ticket number? Thanks!

Hopefully they can bring it back! :disappointed:

Do you happen to know what featured stories use it? :open_mouth: It’s been so long, I would love to hear it again! :sob:

It’s been over a few months. I’ll resend it.

Re-sending it will do nothing but make the process take even longer. As I requested above, if you can PM me the ticket number I will look into it for you.

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I’m so sorry, Jeremy, I filed another ticket before seeing this message. But I’ll PM you the number of the previous ticket now. Thank you!

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Oh, it was in Haute as Hell, for example.

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apparently episode removed it permanently , which sucks because I loved that audio clip so much. :confused:

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Yeah, apparently only featured stories can use it now.

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i thought they removed it from everyone’s use?