Music/Volume problem

Hey! I’m writing a story and I have a problem with the music fading IN at the beginning of every scene/splash. The thing is that when I type the time on the volume code, the music’s volume doesn’t have timing and starts immediately at 0 miliseconds when the scene just started. It doesn’t face the same problem when it fades out; in fact, it works perfectly fine. Am I doing something wrong with the coding? Or is it the writer’s portal? Because I also checked on my iPad and the music also starts at 0 miliseconds instead of fading in. I hope I’m explaining myself well because I’m usually terrible at it. LOL
Btw, this is what I type for the volume/time thing in both cases (fade in/fade out).

volume music 100 0 ms

If you want to fade music in you have to have the volume at 0% and then in raise up.

volume music 0 0

music sound_name

volume music 100 4000

This will fade in the music in 4 seconds.

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Thank you so much!!!

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