Music won't play after a certain point


Only after using a couple backgrounds, the music suddenly just stopped playing. No matter if I test the story out on my phone or in the writers portal preview, it never plays on the line that I placed it on. It doesn’t even play at all. I previously placed music on other lines before backgrounds and they worked fine, but why does this one not play? Is it because of the background? It is one of my uploaded backgrounds that I’m trying to play the music over? But I already played music over it previously earlier in my story. I don’t get it.

This is my script:

It just won’t play until this point. But I don’t see why it’s not working, all previous music before this line works perfectly fine. Could someone please answer this if they can? Or if they are having the same problem?


So, once it gets to this point, the music stops playing? Can you share the music code before this part that works fine? Have you put it on a fade by any chance?


Moved this to Directing Help & Tips as it seems this might be a scripting issue and not a bug. :peace_symbol:


Are you adjusting the music volume at all prior to this line?


You know, I might’ve I’ll go and check it.


I probably have. I’m checking.


Whoops, yeah I just noticed that.


It turns out I have added a volume fade before this. Thanks guys.


Glad to have been of help :smiley: