Music won't work when I test my story

I’ve seen another post about this, but it was posted a few months ago. Does anyone have this problem now? The music doesn’t work on my phone or iPad. I have sound on and everything, but nope. :confused:

What’s weird is that sound effects work, but the music itself doesn’t. Odd, right?

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Maybe turn your volume up? Script volume as well.

Lol, my script volume is normal, and I actually tried putting my volume at its highest. :joy:

I might just need to send a ticket. :woman_shrugging:

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@BrillzGirl Try these options first:

  1. Restart your phone
  2. Whenever I have that problem, closing the app and clearing my phone’s cache normally works, The only other thing you could try (if you haven’t already) would be to delete and reinstall the app. If you do this, make sure to write down your username and password Episode gives you in the settings.
    (Post made by @Purple_Ghost)

Okok, thanks for the suggestion! I will be sure to try that tomorrow morning.