Musical / Art Talent

Does anyone else LOVEV EEEVEVEVEVEVE the arts I do all of them!

Instruments I can play and how long I’ve been playing them
Piano years 7
guitar month 6
ukelele month 4
recorder 2years :joy:

I’m actually pretty good at Guitar already!

I also do musical theater and it’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUN!!!

I also love to draw and paint. I especially love charcoal!

But only being good at the arts mean having a very tough time finding a job and probably ending up as a waitress at a bar…

(If you don’t know what I mean by this, the only way you can really make a living off of the arts is if you get famous. Or else you don’t really make any money. I think everyone has seen the show “friends” so think of Joey. He was a actor but wasn’t making any money until he got the call back for Days of Our lives.)


I play trumpet and clarinet
And I love to sing

I draw to


I love theatre too!!! I also loveeee singing. But I can’t do it anymore next year :frowning_face:

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Oh I also do episode edits! (So I kind of draw?)


I play two instruments (though if you count the recorder, three :joy:) and I love art as well! I prefer classic paper art cause I can’t draw very well digitally, but I hope to improve someday. :grin:


I sing. It’s been a long time since I had formal lessons, but I still practice. I took dance lessons (ballet, tap, and jazz, and a bit of ballroom) for quite a few years, too.

I’m also going to be teaching myself folk harp and acoustic guitar this year. My dream is violin, but I think I’ll wait until I can afford formal lessons for that.

I also used to do musical theatre! I absolutely loved it. I did straight plays for a while, too, but I definitely prefer musical theatre. Whats your favorite show you’ve done?


Lol I wish I was proficient in the arts. I play flute and can… sort of draw?


I play violin, would like to try drums
Done piano
And am really good at sports


I can’t sing to save my life but i CAN Play:

Drums : 1 month
Guitar: 10 years

My hands are WAYY to small for a piano so i can only do a few Irish jigs on them (I’m not Irish)

I sometimes put my guitar down for a few months but as soon as i pick it up again i go back to it and get straight into it

I also like drawing i wouldn’t say I’m amazing but i wouldn’t say it’s hideous as i’m getting high grades in school.

I remember i was told to do ballet and when i started i refused to dance as i was the only one in black whilst the other girls had pink leotards on and i stood in the corner eating a Mcdonalds :woman_shrugging:

I then did taekwondo and now i do mixed martial arts as well as climbing


I can play the ukulele and sing/rap. I love to draw and read book to. I also love exercise (I play a boxing game on Nintendo switch


Hmm art?

I like to sing but I suck at it. Correction: I suck at everything
I draw anime art and realistic art (or attempts) traditionally and digitally.
I write not just on episode
I used to do violin (really want to try the piano)
I like to act but I don’t get to do it or practice often because I don’t have a space to practice without being judge but I voice act sometimes just for fun if that counts


I’ve been drawing for a few years yet still label myself as an amateur since my arts aren’t really good yet. But I guess everyone starts somewhere.


This is my sixth year playing the piano. I also love to sing but only when I’m alone cause I’m to shy :two_hearts::two_hearts::joy::joy:


I do acting time to time, but I stopped looking for jobs and I rejected one to focus on school, I sing a lot… but does it count if I sound like a cat getting their vocal chords pulled out?


i love al these things but i just can’t do anything :joy::woman_facepalming::clap::sweat_smile:


I write poems. I draw sometimes but prefer writing


I am a singer and songwriter, but hope to learn to play the piano and guitar. I also love drawing my own made up characters and supernaturals

  • I played piano for 6 years,… And still am lmao.
  • Am currently learning how to play guitar :metal::sunglasses:
  • Was going on drawing lessons for 2 years and still love to draw
  • I’m going to music school where I am learning everything about music (singing, and that kinda stuff) … im in my 6th year…i also play piano there lol
  • I am currently in 2 chours
  • I was going on a ballet for 2 years

volin, violin, bass for 6 months, violin 6 years awesome :sunglasses: