Musical Story [GAME]


I dont know if this was made by anyone else, but basically the game goes like this:

  • take the 5 last five songs you listened to.
  • take the first letter of those songs and make them a word (example: “Rockabye” to "Rodeo, till u come to 5 words
  • Use those words to make a story!


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How does this work? Are you going to be looking out for them or something?


Particular When Nervous In Youth

  1. Particular Taste
  2. When You’re Ready
  3. Nervous
  4. In My Blood
  5. Youth

Ik Ik I’m addicted to his new album and him


Do you make a story with those?


yh lol I forgot to



Wanna do it together? Maybe… possibly… no… yes?..

Go ahead and say no if you want to


sure but i have make a cover rn so i may not come on as often


That’s ok, what’s your insta? I just use that a lot more.


I also have stuff to work on, so works out for me and stuff


Im not allowed insta


Ooooh ok. That’s fine. I’ll just talk here then.


But like, kpy’knkw, privately