Musicals on Episode

There are many composers in the world who become authors of musicals. And lots of performances from this genre, which certainly went down in the history of the theater, for example, “Hamilton”.

I will have some questions in this topic. You don’t have to answer all of them :slight_smile:

  1. Which musical is your favorite and why?

  2. Would you like to see an adaptation of one of the musicals on Episode?

  3. If so, in what form? From the point of view of another hero? With songs translated into dialogues (this idea in some cases could more refer to the movie, on the basis of which the musical was created)? Or maybe you have another creative idea?

  4. Maybe you’ve already found a story in this application, which is based on one of the musicals? If so, you can tell us if you like what you read or not.

  5. Do you have a completely different opinion on this topic? Then, you can also share your thoughts. :smile:

I hope this will be an amazing and polite discussion. :blush:

– I am sorry for any mistakes, English is not my first language.