Music's not working? [HELP ME OUT PLEASE :(]

Hello there, I am new to the writer’s portal and I have tried to denacode exactly as written in the guideline but I can’t seem to make the music plays for me :confused:

My script was like this:
music music_whimsicalpiano

And I get this instead on the upper part of the preview box:
Error: playWebAudio failed: TypeError: this.createConstantSource is not a function. (In ‘this.createConstantSource()’, ‘this.createConstantSource’ is undefined)

Can someone help me solve this? I’ve spent hours trying to get this fixed :frowning:

Thanks a lot!

Can you send me a screenshot of the script? Press alt+print screen (prt sc or sysrq) and then paste it pressing ctrl+v

Or try typing music whimsicalpiano

It’s like this, but I’ll try your suggestion now

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Nope, not working at all :frowning:

have you ckecked you laptop’s/Pc’s volume?

I have, and it’s on high. I tried to played the music before I wrote it in the script and it worked fine. But somehow I couldn’t play it after I put it in the script :confused:

I’m not sure though, but can you try resetting
volume music 80 0
Bc sometimes appear problems from this

@maradee pls tell me if it didn’t work out

for now I’ve tried to remove it and it still says the same thing, still the error message :confused:

sorry to bother you tho :frowning:

Ugh, I really don’t know how to help you from now on , and not bothering me

and you still can’t hear the music, even with the error message?

haha :cry: that’s okay, I’ll try to meddle this myself later :")

Not when I’ve put it in the script… but other than that, the music plays fine

Did I code wrongly?

I checked my script, and your coding is exactly with the your coding (the music part) except that it doesn’t show me any error messages. I can send you a screenshot if you want of my coding.

btw, when you save your story, does is show any error problems?

omg really?? that’ll be very helpful for me if you show me your coding😂

and yes, it showed up after I saved my progress :confused:

it’s just a hunch but will restarting the script (moving the existing to a new one) help me solve this?

Sorry, for the late responding, sending it to you now