Muslim Character Outfit

Is this an appropriate outfit for a Muslim character? If not, any suggestions?

No, it isn’t. Her belly shouldn’t be showing.

I’m sorry but you can easily search up clothing Muslim women have and use that as a reference and do research on what Muslims wear. It’s not that hard. Please, just take the time to do it.

Muslim clothing often covers the entire body, and is often a long dress, they dont seems to wear anything remotely revealing.

This is not to be rude it is from my own knowledge x

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She may have already searched but may want to check if the outfit is 'acceptable’or religously ok xx

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Here’s a thread of mine if you need help on Muslim characters:How-To Guide: Making and Adding Muslim Characters

Thank you!

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If you search it up, it’ll tell you why and what it is we wear. Again, simple research goes a long way. It’ll tell you that’s how we are supposed to look and dress.

Yeah, i honesrly dont know much about muslims since, this isnt me being arrogent, i never liked religous studies (i stopped caring about school, i have a reason and its not me being a bitch :sweat_smile:) so i only know from thw few ive met, sorry if what i said was incorrect. X

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You gave her the right info so don’t worry. :+1:t5:

Im glad aha xx

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