"Muslims representations" Let's discuss!

Hi, so i’ve seen a couple of posts here & on IG talking about muslims representations and a few of them make me go ??? bc they are not realistic.

Being muslim doesn’t always mean u wear hijab or ur parents are strict or YOU are strict.

Muslims vary, some wear hijab, some don’t
Some wear modest clothes, and some don’t
it is okay (from a mulsim speaking) to introduce a character wearing anything revealing as a muslim…cause islam isn’t just about clothes/looks.

I get where you’re coming from but if u truly care about representing islam include it in their behaviors, their actions, their decisions, etc.
also since now is Ramadan u can include that too

long story short, if u wanna present any religion, look for how this said religion affects a person, not for what they wear
and Please do not speak over any one if you’re not a part of their community

if u have any further questions feel free to ask :pray: :pray:


I think that even being apart of a religious community makes it hard to represent that community. I’m Jewish and practice judaism, but just like islam and christianity - no group does everything the same. Some are stricter than others. I can write from my perspective of what it is like being jewish but it won’t be the same for even my cousin. I think it is nearly impossible to make everyone happy when it comes to depicting religious communities. The best we can do is just understand nobody is going to represent us verbatim and appreciate what effort they have out into learning. Just my opinion.


yes you’re absolutely right! my whole point is as u said religious people Vary, they don’t all practice everything mentioned in their religion and that’s realistic


Omg yes! Thanks for writing this!
Tbh I’m kinda worried bcs, in my next story, I have a Muslim girl character who’s not only wearing revealing clothes but also doesn’t practice everything mentioned in Islam. I’m afraid people will come at me. And the irony is, I’m a Muslim myself. This had happened to my fellow Muslim author who wrote “not-so-islamic” Muslim characters on her story last year. She had to argue with some people and even made a clarification post about it.


hello thank you for posting this
even tho i am a muslim who wear hijab what you said is true islam is not only about clothes it is about a lot of different beautiful things


As a part of the community, I do not always wear hijabs. And that is my choice. Not everyone in the community would want to wear a hijab. And not every one will cover up head to toe.

A Muslim may be raised to wear a hijab but if they don’t want to when they get around teen years or maybe even younger, they don’t have to. You can’t force someone to wear a hijab if they do not want to. It’s just not done.

I was not raised to wear a hijab all the time, so naturally I do not wear one all the time.
Of course I might change later on in life and wear one all the time, but as of right now, I simply don’t.

You can respect the religion and not do certain things. For example, I wear what I want and sometimes wear a hijab, other times I still wear what I want and not wear a hijab
This religion is not to control what you wear, you can have faith and not wear/do certain things

A lot of people have a huge mis- understanding about this religion. They are told that we wear hijabs all the time and if we don’t, then we are not real Muslims, and that is just not the truth. We are not controlled, and we are free people.


If you’re both muslim why are they coming at yall? why are they mad about reality lol


This is so true.
Every second post about designing a Muslim character is about giving them conservative clothes, and hijab.
I am friends with so many Muslim women, and just a few of them wear hijab or niqab or burqa.
A few of them, sometimes, might wear a dupatta and that’s it.
I personally think that at the end of the day, they are women, and not what they wear.


yess exactly!



stereotypes I see most:

Muslim female= shy, oppressed into wearing hijab, meets American dude who helps her feel liberated & happy so she takes off her hijab.

Muslim males: oppressing women, terrorist supporters, hate westerners.

and tbh, it’s f-cking ridiculous. firstly, women wear a hijab if they want to, to feel closer to God, yeah, maybe in sum places they’re pushed into it by their parents, but pretty much all Muslim women choose what they feel comfortable w.

secondly, Muslims hate terrorists more than most non Muslims, bc their giving their religion a bad name. In reality, Islam is a v honest, peaceful religion, that practices kindness & respect. however, following on from that, Muslims r not perfect, neither r they expected to b, so for all the Muslim women to b shy, obedient worshipers of the mc is also ridiculous & Islamphobic. muslims cannot b expected to b perfect, nor r they expected to b so that whole stereotype is again, ridiculous.

I could say more, but tbh it would take a lot of writing to describe all the stupid stereotypes put on Muslim characters. But basically, being Muslim is a part of their life not their entire personality. So let’s create muslims as normal characters w the addition of their religion, ok? great (: let’s start giving others the accurate representation they deserve. :white_heart:

btw- I’m going off what I’ve heard from my Muslim friends, n they’re literally the funnest ppl Ik & none of them wear/r expected to wear a hijab, hijab, niqab, burka


I mean wat do they think???

And also, hijab and worshipping and every deed u do or not is A CHOICE
Noone is forced…noone is being oppressed…
Stop creating a stereotype and creating a single story of wat a muslim is!

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I’m not a Muslim myself, but I hate the way Muslims are portrayed in the media. And the worst part is that there are people who believe in these stereotypes.


Yes. i couldn’t said it better myself.


ofc they’re gonna believe if it was widely spread. with no accurate representations at all and no chance for muslims themselves to talk about it.


I completely agree!! Being a Muslim myself, I don’t think it’s “offensive” if I see a Muslim character wearing revealing clothes, or without the hijab. I think that Islam is not just about clothes and the appearance, there are many more beautiful things about Islam that I don’t think a lot of people know about !! And thank you for writing this, I think it’s a really important topic that should be spoken about .


Yh not all Muslims wear a hijab but I would like to see a Muslim without it in the sense of episode stories because it’s kinda weird for me as someone from London who has a lot of Muslim Asian friends we don’t wear a hijab yet that doesn’t make us any less of a Muslim

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