Muslism character help


Helloooooooo! I really hope not to say anything considered offensive in this post, remember I’m posting this to learn :heart:

I am currently writting a story and I want it to be very diverse and I already have some informations in this matter however there are a few questions that I must ask:

  • In my mind, one of the mc’s best friends would be from pakistan and would be muslism (18 y.o.\1st year of college) and I thought that a nice way to make her culture relevant would be by first not having her wearing a head scarf but thinking about starting to and, later on, have her decide to fully commit to using it because she does love her religion.

Is that a possibily? Is that how it works? Can someone please help me so that I do not make any mistakes because this matter is very sensitive! Please give me your tips and if you wouldn’t mind, explain me how would this be possible or if it is not how it works at all! Also I’d make her mother wearing one but letting her decided weather she wanted or not, so quite open minded parents (whithin the possibility).

That’s it! Hope I don’t sound rude or anything, I really tried to inform myself about the muslism culture but it is hard to know everything since I am not directly involved nor do I have muslism friends!


My friend is Muslim, she’s very kind and I think she can help.


I’m a hijabi I can help. Of course it’s okay, and honestly it is reality, so many muslim girls are confused on how to “express” themselves and the love for their religion. It’d be nice to see the whole story and to see a character development and to see a character really grow, please tell me when this story it published. :heart::fire:


I love your idea :black_heart:


Thank you, I’ll make sure to let you know ^^! Can you just tell be two things? can she wear short clothes before deciding to wear the hijabi? Also, what skin tones are the most apropriate for her?


Oh thank you!


Don’t think about the skin tone, because everybody is different :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes I know :slight_smile: but I wanted to make her from pakistan and I really am afraid to offend people xD since I’m not familiar with those cultures! Thank you ^^


Certainly not offensive


Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:


If she is Pakistani focus on tanned colours, and yes she can because she isn’t a hijabi just yet. :heart:


Thank you so much for everything! :heart::smile:


lightly tanned skin, but there are a few fair, dark hair, mainly black and brown, keep her clothes long, so keep her fully clothed. Don’t add crop tops, shorts, and etc.


Before she is Muslim, you can make her wear typical things like shorts, ripped jeans, tank tops, crop tops etc. But when she is Muslim make sure she doesn’t wear anything too revealing, otherwise that will destroy the purpose! And for her looks make her lightly tanned like younglove17 said, for face shapes they mostly have a round, oval, and almond, but not everyone looks the same, their lips mostly thin and not thick, they have big eyes and a big nose (no offense intended), and have nice big cheeks. I hope i helped you :kissing_heart:


I should point I know many Muslim girl who don’t wear hijabs/dress sexy. In Islam, headscarf’s are a woman’s choice


That’s why I want to make her a muslism girl that does not weat the head scarf but lately decides to do so, I want to pass the message that it is a choice :slight_smile:


Thank you a lot! :slight_smile: It was a big help


Thank you :smiley: