MUST READ! Magicka: Tales of Maytown

Hey everyone! I’d like to add my friend’s story to your reading list! Are you bored and wanting a great story to read with amazing visuals, insane advanced directing, and mini games? Then check out Magicka: Tales of Maytown by @atteneri.writes on instagram! It’s a very cute, lighthearted story with strong, well-developed characters, and you won’t be disappointed! The author does not have an account on the forums, so I thought I would share her story with you all, because it really is quite an amazing read!


Magicka: Tales of Maytown
Author: @atteneri.writes on instagram
Story Description: June has been a fragile damsel in distress all her life… but now that monsters have arrived in Maytown, she wants to become the first female warrior in history!
Customization: MC/LI limited CC
Directing: 100% advanced directing done flawlessly. No mistakes! 10/10
Interactivity: Also 10/10! Choices matter, and there are so many amazing mini games!
Storyline: Very fun read and well-developed plot. You understand what is going on immediately, and there is no room left to be confused about anything.
Characters: Very fun and well-developed. All characters have a distinct personality and contribute to the story very well.
Grammar: 10/10
Length: Chapters are a good length. I would say they’re about 7-10 minutes long depending on how fast you read. This story currently has 3 chapters.
Diversity: This story is very diverse and includes a good variety of skin tones and features, as well as completely different species.
Sound and Music: This story does use sound and music, and it’s executed very well and pleasantly contributes to the reader’s experience.

I hope you guys check out this story and enjoy it as much as I have! :slight_smile: I promise it really is worth the read!