Mute character (can't talk)

So in my story I need a particular character (can’t talk)
But he also needs to be able to communicate, Anyone got any ideas on how to do this? I was thinking he could use his mobile but would it get annoying?

He could use one of those little computer things (I have no idea what they are called), where they type what they want to say in and it says it for them? Mobile would work, though. Just make him do the text animation and have a bubble with what he’s saying afterwards.

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are you using ink or limelight?

Thank you thats a great idea :slight_smile:

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maybe try using talk animations so that he looks like he is using sign language? here are a few that could work:

click me

maybe talk_explain_neutral?

and I’m sure there are more that could definitely work! it will look something like this:

CHAR (talk_excited_happy)

I think the story Wentworth used this ‘tehnique’, if I remember correctly :thinking: putting the words in brackets would mean that the character is using sign language
the talk animations could work IMO because it will look like he is mouthing the words

Use thought bubbles and non-talking animations. Use the interacting character convey what the mute is saying by their thought process. For example;

&MARK is blush_shy
@ALEX is think

(He’s so cute)

Mark stood awkwardly; his eyes avoiding Alex’s intense ones. His cheeks were noticeably covered in a hue of light pink.

(He keeps looking at me strangely… is there something on my face?)
(Is that a blush I see…)
(Is he smitten by me?!)


Convey the communication without words from the mute with emotion and details.

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They could always sign. You could use a narrator box for it, but it would also mean the character who knows what they’re saying knows sign language too. Or, you could have them use a sort of text to speech program, but explain it at the beginning so readers know what it is.

I kinda agree with that idea

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In Silent Voice, the MC used her phone to talk.

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In Speak, the main character uses sign language and writing on notepads. The author chose an animation to represent sign language and went with it. Now every time I see a character raising their hand, I think they’re using sign language.


and even with lack of animation we have, I think the author did such a good job! :grin:


Lol :rofl: she started speaking at some point though… Love that story (so many crossovers though)

You could make characters text or use notepads (are there note pads in Limelight…?) and make the character think instead of always talk. Just a suggestion (if you read Speak, there were some really nice ways to show it, if not, you should check it out, it’s not copping, it’s directing ideas)

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Thank you so much guys :smiley: some great ideas really helped me!!!

Crossovers? There are no crossovers in Speak. Some of the characters read Episode stories so, she uses that to highlight other stories, but there are no crossovers.