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My new story is currently not published (will be in a few days) but I would definitely do a R4R and instagram promotions
Story: Worst Served Cold

Genre: Romance + Mystery

LL + Customize Main Characters

Insta: @Episode.MnM
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What’s the story about?

Story Description:
Revenge is a dish best served cold. Who is seeking revenge? Why? What would happen if the plan backfires badly? Unleash the facade that masks the true dirt that’s happening in Hailey’s life. Remember, everything is not what it seems.

Basically, the main character is Hailey Crawford. The story starts off with her going to a job interview, where she meets her love interest. Throughout the story, there are many challenges and plot twists and dire consequences. There are chapters with minigames.
It is a suspenseful story, since you do not know who is who and what is going to happen next.
Hope you enjoy :kissing_heart: Remember, everything is not what it seems

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That sounds really cool! I’ll definitely check it out!

Hey my IG is jade.episode00 and my story is “the unEXpected show”

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