My 30 day unlimited tickets is gone (just purchased recently)

I purchased the unlimited tickets now they are gone along with my profile, how do I get my money back since I don’t have it anymore?

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There should be a restore purchases option. Not sure how that works though.

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The restore purchase option isn’t there I don’t know if it’s not showing because of the update or what…but now I have to watch ads when I paid not to watch ads…and I don’t want to my days to run out because I can access the restore option and I don’t know how long it will take the new update to come out.

Okay update: the restore purchase option shows up on my Android tablet but not my Android phone, but it’s not click able

Have you filed a ticket with Pocket gems? I hope you get it fixed :sparkling_heart:

That’s strange. I know they recently did an update for android and took some features away since they’re working on something. Send a ticket.

Here’s the thread about it.

There is, I don’t know exactly how it works because I haven’t needed to do it, but there’s is a restore purchase in settings

I know lol