My app crashes before starting

Why? I tried to clean some space but it still doesn’t work.
My phone is samsung galaxy s3 .

Hey there @ana_banana, sorry to hear about your issue. :frowning: I’d suggest submitting a help ticket to our support team, they’d be happy to help; :smile:

Quick note: it’s going to ask for the Support ID, which is found in the app settings. Since you won’t be able to access it, just put 6 ? instead. :wink:

How do I sumbit a help ticket?

Click on the link above. The one that says “help ticket”. :wink:

what is chatname?

Since that isn’t required to finish the form, I’d leave it blank. :wink:

alright thank you so much :slight_smile: :sparkling_heart::kissing_heart:

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No problem! :wink:

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