My Art Gallery!


Here are some art pieces of done. You can definitely see an approvement! Lol.

And here’s the shift between line art to realism.

This last one is the last piece I’ve done! It’s by far my best I think.

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Whoa. That’s amazing.


These look great :sparkling_heart:


I like the 2 last one! Looks amazing!


BTS fan? :heart_eyes::scream:



I would love to be first person to request if you’re open for requests one day (lol :joy:) Keep up the good work!


If I do art requests it’s usually for an episode art scene.
If that’s what you want I’d want to see a preview of your episode so I know my art isn’t going to be crammed in some poorly done and short lived story.
No offense to writers out there!
It just takes me days to work finish an art piece so I’d like to see that it’s used properly and I’m credited.


Ah, I perfectly understand that. I’ll make sure to let you know when I’m looking for one :wink: Keep up the good work!


Wow, I love it!!!

For the last two, what app do you use???