My art giveaway 😊🎨

Hi everyone! I’m hosting an art giveaway for either an edit or drawing. There will be 3 winners, announced on May 5th.
For examples, open the IG post below.

How to enter:

β€’ Repost the first photo and tag
β€’ Follow my account
β€’ Mention 3 friends on either this post or your repost
β€’ You can get +1 more entry per every 3 additional friends mentioned!
β€’ For another entry point, post the first photo on your story.
There will be 3 winners, announced at 5th May :sparkling_heart::trophy:
:art: Winners can pick one of the following to be designed: :art:

  • Cover art (Small & Large)
  • Profile picture
  • Custom overlays
  • Custom poses
  • Custom backgrounds
  • UI
  • YouTube thumbnails

I can both edit and draw LL and ink!

Thanks for reading, good luck to everyone considering to join :sparkling_heart::smile:


How does ur drawn examples look like?


It’s on the post :smile:

The post is a gallery/multi-pic, if you swipe left or click on the arrows you should see the examples

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bump :see_no_evil: