My art shop is now open *open*

Thanks :sweat_smile:
That’s completely fine with me!

I mean if you could even do it. I hope your hands don’t hurt though.

It’s fine, but you would have to wait until tomorrow, cause it’s very late where I live.

It’s late where I live too. Goodnight!

Thank you, is there a template I can fill out so that way I know exactly what you need ?


Here is what you need for a cover

Title : No Regrets
Author : CruzingQueen
Background : Something cool. The MC is a bad ass so something that represents that, like

Can you have them facing each other. Axel on the left and Rachel on the right.

Title somewhere on top.

Ok! I can start right away. One thing though, small or large cover?

Ii’m going to be using it for both covers so both please Thank you.

ok! I’ll make sure to size it properly. It will be about half an hour.

That is fine take as long as you need (:

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@Miranda_Stories your request is complete! :laughing:

If you would like anything added or removed just tell me!

Thank you so much, Means so much to me. Can I see it please?

You’re welcome!

I absolutely love it! I hate to be so picky but could you use the background I gave you?

of course

@Miranda_Stories I replaced the background! Anything else?

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Looks amazing, Just what I wanted thank you so much.

np! Do you need any splashes?

What are splashes lol?