My art shop is now open *open*


They’re backrounds you can put in stories that say things like
Tap slowly
This story contains mature themes and strong languages
To be contiued…

Things like that!


oh haha ummm I don’t need one right now but if I need one I will be sure to get in contact with you




Title:Why did I die?
Author:Kate Lorando
Screenshot of character(s) in their pose (preferably on a black background):
This is for the small cover.
This should be his behaviour.
What you want for the cover:
Here is she behaviour.
Background and any other details:
I want both small and large cover.
For the large cover, I want only the title in all big letter and make it look like its raining. (Same background)
That’s all. Thank you!


Actually, no thanks. Someone else did it for me.