My Art shop! (OPEN)

Here’s what I can do:

(I’m new with limelight!)


-send me a reference of the pose u want & character details (or any extra stuff)

request all u want!


Oh my… I just LOVE the second image! Is there any chance that you could make me a cover like that? ( Well, with another background and the main characters of my story) That would be amazing!

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Yeah ofc!

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Okay… My female Mc looks like that: Body: gold 3
Brow: arched thin (black)
Hair: long straight loose solid (Brown black)
Eyes: round medium (Brown black)
Face: heart soft
Nose: round button
Lips: small heart (rose light nude gloss)

                                                           She has also a scar on her cheeck (that's kida important)

The male MC looks like that: Body: gold 2
Brow: straight medium (dark Brown)
Hair: Messy undercut (dark Brown)
Eyes: deepest downturned lidded (blue deep)
Face: chiseled angular
Nose: straight pointed
Mouth: medium heart

He also has freckles! :slight_smile:

For the cover: Could she have closed eyes?
And he shouldn’t be smirking like that… Maybe a look between shy and sad and sheepish ( do you know what I mean? XD) and he’s Looking down on her…
And would it be possible that the two of them… er, wear something different (just some random clothes) You name it ! He would simply be holding her…
As for the background I would prefer a city at night… If that’s not possible, just another background by night…

I think thats all… Thank you for doing my cover! I’m thrilled to see the end product ^^

Oh nooo I almost forgot, the storys Name is dreamcatcher It would be nice if the Name would be written somewhere on the cover (like above the two mc’s)

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ill start on it rn and sorry for the late response :frowning:

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That’s not a problem at all! It was Christmas and New year and all… Thank you again for doing it!

Hey! Are you still up for it? Just asking to be sure…:slight_smile: