My art was denied to be a background, how do I fix?

I recently MADE some art on DeviantArt for my story. It was used by a background already aproved and one of my characters posing. I screenshotted it and made it into a background on there, like I usually do for all of my backgrounds/overlays. BUT IT WAS DENIED?

This is posing a real confusion as firstly, I’ve done this sort of thing before. Secondly, I owned that art and it was made by me, it isn’t copyrighted at all, because It’s mine. And third, it doesn’t breach any episode regulations. I’m unsure why it was denied but I am a bit upset because it means my story has to wait AGAIN for the background to be approved. Here’s what my art looked like:

Did you try contacting Pocket Gems? They can help.

What is Pocket Gems?

The company for Episode, you’re supposed to file a support ticket so they can help.

Okie doke. Thanks.

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Ooh, sorry, totally unhelpful, but is this Selection like the book? Sorry, I really like that series! :joy:

I’m pretty sure Episode sends you an email whenever an upload gets approved or rejected. The emails for the rejected uploads include a description of why it was denied. If you’re confused or unaware why a cover/background/overlay was rejected, I would check your Episode-affiliated email for clarification.